Top 12 E-commerce startups

Country: USA | Funding: $833M
Square is a merchant services aggregator and mobile payment company that aims to simplify commerce through technology.
Country: USA | Funding: $617.3M
Automattic is the company behind and VIP, the cloud version of WordPress. Automattic hosts and supports all sites ensuring that there is continuous and strategic development of the software available to its users.
Country: Canada | Funding: $292M
Lightspeed provides point of sale and ecommerce solutions for retailers and restaurateurs to manage their businesses.
Country: USA | Funding: $278.5M
Squarespace creates SaaS-based content management system offering a website builder, blogging platform, and hosting service.
Country: UK | Funding: $230M
Accept more payments. Get access to a global acquiring network, benefit from real-time insights, centralized reconciliation tools and complete feature parity across multiple geographies. All through one unified API.
Country: Israel | Funding: $185M
Wix empowers businesses, organizations, professionals, and individuals to take their businesses, brands, and workflow online.
Country: France | Funding: $122M
Content Square is a specialist for optimising Web and mobile sites. ContentSquare is the critical solution for mobile & web customer experience optimization. A single line of code can drive the day-to-day effectiveness of your e-commerce website.
Country: USA | Funding: $89.6M
AdRoll is the E-commerce Growth Platform for businesses to grow revenue using web, social, and email advertising.
Country: Germany | Funding: €25M
Jimdo enables users and companies to create a website on a computer, smart phone or tablet using a simple intuitive interface.
Country: USA | Funding: $17M
Using it's proprietary image and video recognition technologies,'s product suite changes the way stores and brands build personalized experiences for their customers online and in-store; it redefines the way marketers instantly gratify, acquire and grow their customer base across multiple social channels; and automates key warehouse and factory floor workflows involving product tagging, photo shoots, catalog management and more.
Country: USA | Funding: $6.2M
Skubana is an enterprise-grade, ALL-IN-ONE Cloud SaaS back-end solution for e-commerce companies of all scales and sizes.
Country: USA | Funding: $1.5M
Eloquent Labs supplies artificial intelligence to augment and replace live chat customer support agents at eCommerce companies.