Top 11 Healthcare SaaS startups

Country: USA | Funding: $157.5M
Practice Fusion provides web-based Electronic Health Record (EMR) system and medical practice management technology to physicians.
Country: USA | Funding: $153.3M
Kareo delivers cloud-based software that helps independent practices run a successful business and provide better patient care.
Country: USA | Funding: $128.4M
CareCloud provides cloud-based health information technology software and services.
Country: USA | Funding: $75.7M
Phreesia automates the patient check-in process by collecting personal health information on the PhreesiaPad.
Country: USA | Funding: $75M
PatientPop is the only complete practice growth solution that empowers healthcare providers to thrive in the digital age.
Country: UK | Funding: $32M
Medopad is a healthcare technology company, which takes a modular approach covering a wide variety of disease areas to deliver better and more personalised care by transforming the way patients and data interact with clinicians.
Country: Singapore | Funding: $26 m
One of the pioneers in Cloud Based LIS, ATTUNE TECHNOLOGIES offers next generation Healthcare IT products to the market with primary focus on delivering business benefits to its customers.
Country: USA | Funding: $19.1M
CareMessage technology platform and associated disease management programs enable healthcare organizations to facilitate communication and outreach to promote engagement and better self-care
Country: USA | Funding: $18.7M
DrChrono offers a healthcare EHR, practice management, API focused on iPads, iPhones, and a web platform.
Country: USA
Yosko is a mobile application that interfaces with the Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems to provide on-the-go access to patient records, streamlined hand-offs and improved staff communication.
Country: Russia | Funding: $550K
Medesk is a cloud service for health records