Top 17 Enterprise Communications and Messaging startups

Country: USA | Funding: $911M
Zoom helps businesses and organizations bring their teams together in a frictionless environment to get more done.
Country: USA | Funding: $480.4M
Fuze is a cloud-based visual collaboration and personal telepresence service that enables the mobile enterprise to share ANY content, from ANY device, ANYwhere in the world.
Country: USA | Funding: $461M
Symphony transforms the way users communicate effectively and securely with a single workflow application.
Country: USA | Funding: $120M
Dialpad offers a cloud-based business phone solution simplified for every business.
Country: France | Funding: $40.6M
Aircall is an advanced call center software, complete business phone and contact center 100% natively integrated in any CRM.
Country: Thailand | Funding: $28.7M
Eko builds tools to unlock the potential of mobile messaging in the workplace which boost enterprise productivity and security.
Country: Sweden | Funding: $28M
Rebtel liberates international calling
Country: USA | Funding: $20M
Mattermost provides enterprise-grade messaging solutions for organizations on a vibrant open source platform.
Country: USA
Glip is a secure instant messenger application that targets individuals in businesses.
Country: UK
MangoApps is the leader in cloud-based company Intranet, employee engagement, team collaboration & HR software. Businesses of all sizes use our products to modernize, consolidate and streamline many of the siloed applications employees use into one single platform. Our unified platform enables employees to work in one environment dramatically improving adoption, employee engagement, and team productivity.
Country: Cyprus
3CX is the developer of 3CX Phone System, an open standards, software-based PBX for Windows.
Country: Austria | Funding: $6.1M
Grape is a business communication solution with deep service integration.
Country: India
Troop messenger is a Unified Business Communication Platform that includes Instant Messaging, Video Call, Video Conferencing, File Sharing, Desktop Sharing, Work Schedules and Projects.
Country: Bulgaria
Jitsi is an audio/video Internet phone and instant messenger written in Java. It supports some of the most popular instant messaging and telephony protocols such as SIP, Jabber/XMPP (and hence Facebook and Google Talk), AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger.
Country: Estonia | Funding: €1.4M
An Ideal way to communicate. Fleep is a flexible messenger that integrates with email and lets you store and share files easily.
Country: USA | Funding: $1.5M
Zangi provides a messenger platform on top of which you can build your business solution. The variety of features are added to Zangi platform to build any type of communication and collaboration solution. High-quality features are provided to build secure, private and independent messaging apps in a short period of time.
Country: Spain | Funding: $1.1M
Hubtype allows developers to easily build and host chatbots with one-click integrations at a fraction of a cost.